Henry Pearce of Sennen


I recently recieved the following letter and thought it may be on interest to place it in its entirety on the site. I hope that if any readers find a connection that you will get in touch with Dianne.

Dear George.

My name is Dianne Black: I live in Perth, Western Australia.

I am a descendant of HENRY PEARCE: (est 1780's) from Sennen married in 1803 to - ELIZABETH ANTHONY: (est 1780's) from Uny Lelant.


Our family of Pearce: Gregory: migrated to Australia in the year 1860 on the ship Commodore Perry: I'm sure there must be people interested in what became of their descendants from Sennan & Uny Lelant. We would certainly like to know more and perhaps even to contact other descendents from this area. It is obvious from our records that we have a lot of information from 1860 onwards but have a lot of msssing pieces prior to that.


I have put the story together into a Genealogy web page:

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My sister wrote a book called Bits & Pearces: by Margaret Parlevliet. I believe there is a copy in the library at Uny Lelant.



Descendants of Henry Pearce & Elizabeth Anthony:


HENRY PEARCE:(est 1780's)

1. HENRY PEARCE: (est 1780's) from Sennen was married in 1803 to - ELIZABETH ANTHONY: (est 1780's) from Uny Lelant.


2. RICHARD PEARCE: (est1810's)

2. HENRY PEARCE: (est 1800's)


THOMAS STEVENS: (est 1800's)

1. THOMAS STEVENS: (est 1800's) from Uny Lelant was married 22 May 1797 to - BRIDGIT ANTHONY: (est 1800's) fron St Erth. Their marriage date is in the IGI and the location listed as St. Tudy, St Udy, Uny Lelant.

CHILDREN: (Batch Number C022562) Father Thomas Stevens. Mother Bridget.



2. ELIZABETH STEVENS: (1804) C 29 Jun 1804

2. ANN STEVENS: (1807)

2. MARY STEVENS: (1810)

2. ELIZABETH STEVENS: (1815) C 16th Sep 1815 (? two Elizabeths)

2. HUGH STEVENS: (1813)


HENRY PEARCE:(est 1800's)

2. HENRY PEARCE: (est 1800's) was married in 1827 to - ELIZABETH STEVENS: (1804) Batch Number C022562

All these children were found in Individual Records with a christening date and had the parents Father Henry PEARCE and Mother Elizabeth. Are they all the children of Henry PEARCE & Elizabeth STEVENS ? Perhaps another Henry PEARCE married an Elizabeth in Uny Lelant in this same time period. Elizabeth would have been 23 when she was married and 47 years at the birth of the last child. Some of the children have the same or a similar name, which indicates the first child died as a baby and another child was given the same name.

CHILDREN: Batch Number C022561 Seventeen names over this period with the same ? Mother & Father.

3. JAMES PEARCE: (1828) ? dec as baby


3. HENRY PEARCE: (1829) ? dec as baby

3. JAMES PEARCE: (1830)

3. HONOUR PEARCE: (1832) ?dec as baby

3. HENRY PEARCE: (1831-1892)

3. JOHN PEARCE: (1834)

3. SARAH PEARCE: (1835) 22 Mar *

3. HONOUR PEARCE: (1835) June*



3. JANE PEARCE: (1842)

3. EDWARD PEARCE: (1844) ? dec as baby

3. EDWARD MARTIN PEARCE: (1846) Note the use of the name Martin as a second name?

3.ANN PEARCE: (1848) 22 Feb ? Twin


3. THOMAS PEARCE: (1851)



HENRY PEARCE: (1831-1892)

3. HENRY PEARCE: (1831-1892) married in 1849 to ANN GREGORY: (1827-1893) Occupation: Dressmaker.


  1. 4. JAMES PEARCE: (1850-1906)

  2. 4. ELIZABETH PEARCE: (1852-)

  3. 4. SARAH PEARCE: (1862-1867)

  4. 4. GEORGE PEARCE: (b/d1862-66)

  5. 4. HENRY PEARCE: (1866-)



HENRY Pearce was born in the year of 1831 in Uny Lelant, Cornwall England.

His parents HENRY PEARCE: (est 1800's) from Sennan & ELIZABETH STEVENS: (est 1800's), married in 1827 in the parish of Uny Lelant.
Henry married ANN GREGORY: (1827-1893) dressmaker, in the Uny Lelant Church in 1849. Henry & Ann had two children while living in Uny Lelant, James (1850-1906) & Elizabeth (1852-?).
In 1852, Henry travelled by ship from Liverpool to Melbourne, Australia, then to the goldfields of Ballarat, to seek his fortune. Life was becoming hard for the miners and people in general in Cornwall. He and Ann had dreams of migrating to Australia in the hope of making a better life for their family. He made his money from his labours at Ballarat and returned home to his family in Uny Lelant.



In 1860 Henry, Ann & their two children James & Elizabeth sailed from Liverpool on the ship 'Commodore Perry' to Melbourne and settled in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.


The children of James Pearce were later to travel across Australia to settle at "Lucievlle" Bridgetown in Western Australia.