Sennen Hearth Tax. 1662

Two shillings per hearth levied on householders with houses worth upwards of 20 shillings per annum. Houses worth less than this were exempt, as were householders on poor relief. The parish constable listed householders, together with the number of hearths (sometimes including those exempt), for submission to the Quarter Sessions. The lists were headed in terris for the wealthy, and in bonis for the humble. The tax was collected twice yearly, at Michaelmas and Lady Day. The survival of the returns is spasmodic, and few (if any) survive from after 1674. Most are at the PRO (Chancery Lane), with some CRO's having copies for their area. A few Hearth Tax returns have been published.

See The Hearth Tax, and other later Stuart Tax List and the Association Oath Rolls", by J.S.W. Gibson for further information.

Hugh Jones Esq.

4 ex

Pascoe Ellis gent.

3 ex

Thomas Treeve

1 ex

William Nicholas

1 ex

John Mathew

2  now John bands & one fallen down.

Joan Pingoe (Vingoe)

1 ex

Ralph Jeffrey

1 ex

John Hoskyn

1 ex

Thomas Treeve

1 ex

George Reed

2 stopt up one

John William

1 ex

Martin William

1 ex now Dorothy Williams and very poor etc

Richard William

1 ex

Richard Saundry

2 ex

Dorothy Wallish

2 ex now Degory Wallish

John Richard

1 ex now Richard Roskelly

Widdow Richard

1 ex

Mathew William

1 ex

Thomas Harvy

1 ex


28 ex

Hearths not mentioned in former returns


Mihael Richards


Joan Bettrell





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